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An absolutely hyped place with tasty dishes but totally unorganized service: Restaurant Soul Street @ FIVE Zurich (4. July 2022)

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The FIVE Zurich is a sister hotel of the FIVE in Dubai – and, luckily, it’s definitely nicer than the one in Dubai since it is not so ‘cheap’ in terms of audience. While they have different restaurants on sight, the Soul Street was the one which was most appealing to me, so it was time to try it.

We went for the “ceviche tulum (octopus, red snapper, shrimp, pico de gallo, coriander aguachile, tortilla chips)” (CHF 25.00) which was quite nice and refreshing. So, the first impression was a good one.

Then, we had ordered the “al pastor” but somehow were served the “Orlando’s Taco Truck – crispy avocado (rice noodles, pickled cabbage, chipotle mayo)” (CHF 20.00) which wasn’t bad, but wasn’t what we had ordered. Somehow, it also didn’t show up on the bill – which just shows how unorganized they are. Super friendly staff, but super incompetent. Nobody has a clue what the other does, and some things just never show up – others twice. So, frankly, quite of a fun experience.

The “Orlando’s Taco Truck – Al Pastor (marinated pork, grilled pineapple, coriander, red onion, Mexican sauce)” (CHF 24.00) was then delivered later, and it was quite tasty. Wouldn’t really say it is Mexican food, but it is Mexican-inspired food, and it was tasty.

The “Bao Selection Char Siu Pork (lettuce, spring onion, pickled cabbage, carrot)” (CHF 28.00) was nice and definitely delicious – but a bit on the pricier side if we consider that the thing is gone in two bites, and costs CHF 14.00 each.

The “Malai Chicken Tikka (creamy chicken, coriander, mint chutney, onion tomato salad)” (CHF 29.00) is served just like that. I must say, it was tasty, definitely something enjoyable. However, it doesn’t come with rice or anything. Which is a bit confusing – I find.

When I asked for rice, they said, they can’t do rice. Ehm, excuse me?! You can’t do rice?!?! In any case, since I didn’t want to eat it by itself, I went for the “Tandoori Naan Garlic” (CHF 7.00) which was fine. But the portion is, for its price, relatively small.

Finally, the audacity to charge CHF 18.00 for 2cm of “Soul Street Punch (Rum, Pomegranate, Masala Curry, Yuzu)” is beyond my understanding. And if it was somehow a super delicious drink, then it’d be another story – but it wasn’t even good. Just a watery something – so, far from enjoyable.

The inside is, I must admit, quite nice …

… and so is the entrance.

But, looks alone don’t cut it – so, while it is pretty, at this moment, it’s not a place I can recommend you to visit.


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Restaurant Soul Street @ FIVE Zurich

Döltschiweg 234

8055 Zürich (CH)

Tel.: +41 44 456 55 55

E-Mail: info@fivehotelsandresorts.com

Homepage: https://soul.st/zurich/

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