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As lovely in terms of atmosphere and food as with the last visit: Restaurant Habra (19. July 2023)

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It’s my second time that I’ve been to Habra – and I must say, I keep liking the place. I mean, sure, the menu didn’t change much in the past two months, hence, there wasn’t really any surprise on the menu, which was a bit of a bummer, but since the food is good, I’m not generally complaining. As a small bite from the kitchen, you get “salty chocolate spread and bread”, which is overall quite lovely. A bit peculiar, but lovely – I find.

The “shredded rib and manchego fries (shredded ribs, homemade sriracha mayo, grated manchego cheese)” (68.00 SAR) is just a very heavy form of loaded fries. But, to be fair, a tasty one.

The “kale and nori slaw (fresh kale, roasted maple peanuts, kale and nori slaw dressing, dried cranberry)” (38.00 SAR) sounds like it’s healthy. To be fair, though, I am not too sure about that. It feels more like quite a heavy dish due to the dressing.

The “bone marrow, chimichurri, sourdough” (65.00 SAR) remains excellent. I’ve had it the last time, and it was at least as good now, as back then.

The “crispy chicken taco (crispy chicken breast, guacamole, tomato salsa, escabeche rojo, coleslaw, and Parmesan cheese)” (65.00 SAR) is not exactly served how you’d best expect it, meaning, the chunk of chicken is somewhat too big to fit into a taco. But it worked – somehow – from a flavour profile perspective.

The “shrimp spring rolls (home-made sweet chili sauce)” (45.00 SAR) were quite decent. I especially liked the chilli sauce. However, for me – or, even for me – it was too greasy.

The “back ribs taco, house honey sriracha, habanero salsa” (89.00 SAR) were more down my alley when it comes to imitations of Mexican food. They seemed much more Mexican than the chicken tacos – and they had this nice habanero spice to them.

Despite the fact that I was more than stuffed, we picked a dessert – the “chocolate fondant, homemade ricotta ice cream” (54.00 SAR) and while the chocolate fondant was actually quite good, the “ricotta ice cream” was even better. I would even say it was excellent, if not outstanding.

The place praises itself on chillies – which is nice. And it does something to the interior. It feels like they really try to make it special, respectively, different from everything else.

What I also like about the Habra is the fact that you get to sit outside (to be fair, with outside air conditioning, which somehow even makes sense, given it’s about 45° Celsius outside) between the palms.

The staff is super attentive and mega friendly, but remains professional – which is, from my perspective, an optimal combination. So, if you intend to visit the Habra, make sure to book your table sufficiently in advance.


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Restaurant Habra

Nortern Ring Br Rd

located in MEFIC center

12385 Riyadh (KSA)

Homepage: https://www.instagram.com/habraksa/

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