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A place you need to visit if you’re into meat: Restaurant NapaGrill – Californian Fine Dining (25. July 2023)

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It is a while ago since I’ve last visited the NapaGrill – Californian Fine Dining. I had good memories about the place, and I must say, these still hold true! Sure, you need to love meat, but if you do, this is actually a excellent place to visit! I went for the “organic pork belly with wild broccoli, teriyaki sauce, and mushroom reduction” (CHF 26.00) and, man, let me tell you, how absolutely delicious this was. Like, you really want to keep eating and enjoying a lot more of this than only one or two pieces.

Secondly, we went for the “organic bacon sampler” (CHF 32.00) to ensure ‘meat overkill’. And I must say, that wasn’t bad, but given one slice of bacon would end up costing around CHF 4.00, it wasn’t worth it. They are good, but they are not CHF 4.00 a piece good!

As a main, we went for the cut of the day, which was a “Piya Premium beef cut” (CHF 21.00/100gr) with Sauce Béarnaise (CHF 5.50) and Chimichurri (CHF 3.50). Personally, I find it somehow a bit off to charge for the sauces when you already buy meat for more than one hundred francs. However, the meat was good – grilled to temperature just perfectly. And the quality of the meat was super nice!

The “roasted corn with bio bacon” (CHF 9.50) and the “sautéed spinach” (CHF 9.50) were decent as well. I especially liked the corn with bacon dish. I mean, I love corn, and I love bacon. And the combination is just pure happiness!

On top of that, the service was friendly and solution-oriented as well. The same was true for the sommelier, which was taking good care of us when asking for a good red wine (which was price-wise fair). All in all, I really liked the experience at the NapaGrill again, and it will definitely be considered in my future restaurant visits more frequently than every half decade!


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Restaurant NapaGrill – Californian Fine Dining

Brandschenkestrasse 130

8002 Zürich (CH)

Tel.: +41 44 289 80 80

Homepage: http://www.napagrill.ch

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