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Not only good for lunch, but also enjoyable for dinner, but pricier: Restaurant LUX (11. December 2023)

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I’ve been to the LUX a few times, but so far I’ve never managed to go for dinner and only had the lunch experience. However, I must say that the dinner experience is at least as good, but a bit on the pricier side compared to lunch. As for lunch, the dinner starts with bread and spread and it is equally good as in the lunch cases.

Then, there was time for a small amuse bouche, i.e., “roast beef” and while it was simple, it was actually delicious. However, I found it a bit semi-optimal for potential vegatarians. But personally, loved it.

Then, it was time to go for starters, and I decided to try two different ones. The “veal tartar with burrata cream and fried egg yolk” (CHF 33.00) on the one hand side, which was absolutely delicious. I especially enjoyed the “fried egg yolk”, since this is something, which I had not commonly enjoyed previously. But not only the egg yolk was good, also the actual tartar was enjoyable – and for once they brought enough toast and butter, so you would not run out of it in the middle of the starter.

Secondly, I had the “Zurich crayfish bisque with Jerusalem artichoke and tomato oil” (CHF 29.00), which was good, however, personally I found the price performance ratio a bit off. Sure, there are good elements in the bisque, but the crayfish part was too little for the price. However, in terms of flavour, the bisque is recommendable.

As a main course, I went for “Züri Geschnetzeltes aka Zurich style sliced veal fillet with roesti and mushroom cream sauce” (CHF 59.00), which was super nice in terms of flavour and texture, but I do admit, the roesti was a bit too fried in my personal opinion. What was truly delicious was the sauce – worked a charm with the meat and the roesti.

The service staff is friendly and makes sure you have everything you need and want within no time – even the water refills work great. And the place is nice in terms of interior design as well as in terms of space between the tables – there is some actual privacy, which is rare enough.


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Restaurant LUX

Claridenstrasse 3

8002 Zürich (CH)

Tel.: +41 44 206 36 40

E-Mail: hello@lux-zurich.ch

Homepage: http://www.lux-zurich.ch

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