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Delicious Korean BBQ, but a rather expensive version of it: Restaurant Keum Nyeung Korean BBQ (13. December 2023)

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Since it was the first evening in Seoul, it was time to try some typical local food and the Korean BBQ was definitely the right thing to try. To get started, I went for the “spicy buckwheat noodles (Korean traditional noodles mixed with minced beef and red pepper sauce) (a little bit spicy)” (10’000 KRW), which were okay, but – unfortunately – cold. I mean, to be fair, it didn’t explicitly say that they are hot, but given on the other dish they had labelled it as ‘cold’, I was assuming these were served hot. Since this wasn’t the case, I was a bit disappointed, plus, personally, that isn’t all too tasty. However, the combination of the flavours was nice – and rather spicy.

Then, it was “Korean BBQ” time – and I personally found it more interesting than expected. The sweet potato spread, the kimchi, the little vegetable pancakes, all goes well with …

… the “Korean beef set A (rib eye roll, chuck flap tail, boneless short ribs) (390gr)” (154’000 KRW). I liked that you’re able to grill at your convenience. However, given I was clearly not Asian, the staff did the grilling, probably assuming I’d not be capable. The meat is definitely tasty, but firstly, they hadn’t served me what I had ordered, which was a bit disappointing (and I only figured once I saw the bill), and secondly, it is on the rather expensive side. I mean, sure, the meat is good and all, but 154’000 KRW (~CHF 150) for a bit of meat is quite massive.

Once the meat is grilled, and ready to be eaten, it is placed on the slice of potato or the slice of onion, which are both, in the very end, consumed as well.

The “Hwayo shozu” (27’000 KRW) was overall enjoyable, but is a it much to be honest in terms of amount.

What I liked a lot about the place are the small private boxes, in which you can dine in peace (without all the other guests around). It makes sense to book in advance, though, since else you’re seated in the general seating area. All in all, the Korean BBQ experience was a positive one and one I would definitely want to repeat.


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Restaurant Keum Nyeung Korean BBQ

JaeNeung Building B1

Euljiro-ro 6


Seoul (KR)

Tel.: +822 27 77 79 99

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