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Lovely service making sure you’re happy where you are: Restaurant The Grill @ Sheraton Grand Danang Resort & Convention Center (29. December 2023)

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Sometimes, things are in reach, good, and can just be visited twice. Hence, we ended up at The Grill again and the evening started again with “fresh warm bread, butter, tomato spread, and olive oil with balsamico”. Same as yesterday, lovely, tasty.

Today, the amuse bouche was “braised duck on a toast”, though, and it was actually the better amuse bouche.

Given I felt like I wanted something good for sure after spending a whole day in the rain plus in a van (or rather 50/50), I went for the “tenderloin, Australian Black Angus MB2 (250gr)” (985’000 VND) with “Sauce Béarnaise” (140’000 VND) again. The meat was perfect again, and the Sauce Béarnaise was even better than the day before, because a) it was served on time, and b) because it was lighter and fluffier than the previous day.

The “French fries” (118’000 VND) delivered as expected!

What was actually great in terms of taste, but was delivered 10 minutes after the main course was served (this time at least they said it when serving), was the “creamy thyme & garlic potato gratin” (118’000 VND). It was a truly simple dish, but it was actually superb. Something I had not expected, but I super loved it!

Then, it as time for another palate cleanser – this time, passion fruit, and it was a great sip to finish the dinner.

Since they didn’t manage to serve the gratin on time, they offered dessert as a compensation, which we – being quite stuffed – politely declined. Personally, I would prefer if they would just serve stuff on time, but I appreciate the effort and the sentiment of acknowledging and compensating for non-optimal service delivery – without asking for it. So, despite the fact that they were late both days with one dish each time, they managed to handle it so professionally and genuinely friendly, that you just somehow wouldn’t mind.

So, again, to sum it up, even after having been there the second time in two nights, and in both nights having faced a similar issue, they manage to make you feel welcome, comfortable, and just overall like you want to go again. Unfortunately, this was the last evening in Danang, hence, no further visit would be possible.


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Restaurant The Grill @ Sheraton Grand Danang Resort & Convention Center

35 Trường Sa Street

Ngũ Hành Sơn

550000 Đà Nẵng (VN)

Tel.: +84 236 398 89 99

E-Mail: danang.fbco@sheraton.com

Homepage: https://www.thegrilldanang.com

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