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Nice place for a quick break between visiting Angkor Wat and other temples: Restaurant Khmer Village (3. January 2024)

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When you do a full day tour of Angkor Wat (absolutely worth seeing!), you might prefer to have a lunch break somewhere close to the temples, as this reduces your travel time quite a bit. And the Khmer Village restaurant is actually quite a decent choice. We went for “Amok Fish (fresh water fish slices cooked with local spice, noni leave, and young coconut cream)” (USD 7.00), which was interesting to taste …

… but slightly better than the “Amok Chicken (chicken slices cooked with local spice, noni leave, and young coconut cream)” (USD 7.00), which is really the same dish, but just with chicken instead of fish. It resembled a curry, but not quite, and the fish version was better as the sauce was much thicker than in the chicken version.

What was absolutely great, though, was the “stir-fried beef with mixed vegetables served with steamed rice” (USD 7.00). It looked so simple, but it was superbly enjoyable. Flavourful. Tasty meat. Lovely pepper-based sauce.

The “stif-ried Khmer noodle (traditional stir-fried Khmer noodle with chicken, shrimp kai lan, and pok choy)” (USD 6.50) were quite nice as well, so, all in all you would end up with a few very tasty dishes for a short break between the temples.

Other than that, they offer also tasty “watermelon juice” (USS 2.00) and rather standard “hot tea” (USD 1.50).

The place is as simple as it gets, but the staff is friendly and makes sure you have everything you need.

In terms of timing, there is a bit of room for improvement (e.g., the dishes were served, but no cutlery was there).

In any case, if you are looking for a lunch break place, the Khmer Village is a decent choice.


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Restaurant Khmer Village

Banteay Srei Village Sangkat Nokor Thom

Srah Srang

17255 Siem Reap (KH)

Tel.: +855 12 390 583

E-Mail: nam.taylor506@gmail.com

Homepage: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100057666480391

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