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13. April 2012: Restaurant The Terrace @The Merrion Hotel

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The “chicken wings with barbeque sauce served with celery sticks and a blue cheese dip” were absolutely delicious. The sauce in which the chicken wings were cooked was spicy and rich, the blue cheese dip was tasteful and overall, the 14 chicken wings as a starter (quite an amount in my opinion) were great.

As a main course I had the “6oz Irish strip loin steak, served with chunky house chips with cracked black peppercorn and pearl onion sauce”. The sauce was good but the chips were a bit stroppy. I had originally ordered the 8oz strip loin but because it was served rather well done than medium as I had ordered it, I gave it backed and asked for a new one. Well, the second trial was better (the waitress told me she would have it made medium-rare then) but it still was far away from even being medium. To be fair though, the meat was still quite tasty as it was pretty juicy but the cooking level of th meat was far too much.

The desert was a “passion fruit créme brûllée with coconut tuille” which was quite okay. The créme was a bit corny but besides that pretty tasty. Especially the combination of passion fruit with coconut gave it a little special touch which was good.

What was amazing was the fact that the three courses together cost only EUR 23.95 and even better, two 3-course menues plus a bottle of wine would account for a total of EUR 59.00 which I consider quite fair. The wine one must say though was not really overwhelming but it was definitely okay.

The restaurant itself is nice as it is located somehow in the patio of the hotel so you get a lot of light and it is quite spacious. So, overall, it is pretty nice. The furniture is pretty simple and it is not outstanding but one can definitely have dinner there. The waitresses are friendly and helpful but there is room for improvement.

Overall, the restaurant The Terrace is a nice place for quite cheap but good food. The main course was a bit of a disappointment but overall was still okay. The atmosphere is nice, the waitresses are friendly and the prices are okay.


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Restaurant The Terrace

The Merrion Hotel

Upper Merrion Street

Dublin 2 (IE)

Tel.: +353 1 603 06 00

Fax: +353 1 603 07 00

E-Mail: info@merrionhotel.com

Homepage: http://www.merrionhotel.com/br_the_terrace.php

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