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8. December 2012: Restaurant The Beer Palace

| December 16, 2012 | 0 Comments

The contrast could not have been any bigger – after dining at number 11 in the world yesterday (Restaurant Steirereck). I randomly walked into a restaurant in Bratislava and later found out it was rated number 10 on tripadvisor for Bratislava – well, if that is your number 10 of the city, poor you!

I tried more or less typical dishes starting with “Ty Vole!” (Plzen style goulash with fresh chili peppers, steamed dumplings, and potato pancakes for EUR 8.90). The goulash was okay, intense taste, not much meat though. The potato pancakes were eatable too but worse than regular hash browns in any hotel I have been to. The “steamed dumplings” were just weird bread – definitely no winner!

So, I hoped the “Slovak Specialty” (deep fried cheese with homemade chips and homemade tartar sauce for EUR 6.90) would be more persuasive – and it was not! The deep fried cheese was deep fried cheese but it did not have any taste really as well as the fries and the tartar sauce, it was just “tasteless” in its literal meaning! Highly disappointing!

What one must say though, the place is very nice – the interior is comfortable, appealing, and generally welcoming you. So, if you are looking for a place to have a beer or a tea and to take a short break from walking through the cold, then “The Beer Palace” is the right place to go. Also, the prices are very low (e.g. green tea EUR 1.59, Pepsi Cola 0,25L EUR 1.70, and Pilsner Urquell 0,3L EUR 1.49).

What is not so great either is the service – I mean they are absolutely friendly, no question about that and the drinks are served rather quickly but for the two dishes it needed a total time of approximately 40 minutes to get served. I have absolutely and totally no idea what exactly they were preparing in the kitchen or where they had to go to to get it but it was just ridiculous! Waiting 40 minutes for this …

In any case, nice place if you want to have something to drink but highly not recommendable if you are looking for something to eat! Sorry guys, but I have no damn clue how anyone could ever have had the idea that this place might actually end up being number 10 on TripAdvisor for Bratislava!


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Restaurant The Beer Palace

Gorkého 210/5

81101 Bratislava (SK)

Tel.: +421 220 863 636

Homepage: http://www.beerpalace.sk

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