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2. January 2013: Restaurant The Bazaar by José Andrés @SLS Hotel Beverly Hills

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Two words: Breathtaking and mouth-watering! A truly outstanding dining experience is what you have at the Restaurant The Bazaar by José Andrés. As a first amuse bouche, “traditional olives with piquillo peppers were served” which had a very intense taste of olives. But the taste of the “modern version of olives” was even more intense. The little ball was basically pure olive flavour which was very interesting but also unbelievably intense! The second amuse bouche, “Sweet potato chips with a tamarindo yoghurt anis espuma” were a very good balance for the intensity of the olives balancing the sweet with the “olive-y”.


Amuse bouche number three was a “ceviche with lemon oil, mais and cilantro”. It was tasty, fresh, and the lemon oil provided it with a new special effect.


And of course, we did not yet come to the actual tapas we ordered – number four was a “small package filled with guacamole, jícama, cilantro, tomatoes and small pieces of nachos”. The guacamole tasted truly delicious – it was absolutely outstanding and was really like home-made Mexican guacamole. The small pieces of nacho in the package allwoed for a surprising crunchiness.


As a first tapa actually ordered we had “queso manchego, queso valdeón, y murcia al vino” (USD 18.00) and it was served with almonds, quince jelly and tomato bread. The different cheeses were good, the almonds were regular but went well with the cheese, and the quince jelly was definitely great – especially in combination with the cheese.


The “Japanese Taco with pork rinds” (USD 11.00) was flavoury and great in taste. Especially the crunchy topping was great.


The “codfish puffs with honey aioli” (USD 10.00) were truly delicious. Especially the dip, the honey aioli was outstandingly great. The combination of the saltiness of the codfish puffs with the sweetness of the honey aioli is just great!


Next was “sautéed shrimp in garlic with parsley puree, pimientos, and gondilla pepper” (USD 15.00). The shrimp in garlic was a very good dish but somehow lacked a bit a surprising effect.


The “sautéed cauliflower couscous with pomegranade, cress and some liquid” (USD 10.00) was overall quite good. The surprising sweetness of the pomegranade made it very tasty, on the other hand, the whole thing was a bit too dry.


The “seared wagyu flank steak with liquid piquillo pepper sphere” (USD 16.00) was on one hand great, and on the other somehow too much. The beef was absolutely tender and outstanding. The little red sphere had an incredibly intense taste of piquillo pepper, it tasted like a very intensive green.


The last course was – compared to the others – somehow disappointing because I do not really like peanut butter and the “Baby Japanese Peaches with Burrata, hazelnut and peanut butter” (USD 18.00) had great baby peaches, had great burrata, but the taste of peanut butter was definitely too much (for me).


What was a bit disappointing was the desert. I went for the “Chefs’ Candy Selection” (USD 25.00 for 10 assorted pieces) and although it was good it somehow lacked a bit in creativity. I mean, a candy wrapped in edible paper is a nice idea but if the paper does not taste like anything then it is not really that great.


The Bazaar is beautifully desigend – you already see it when you enter the area as it is clearly marked in front of the hotel. You enter into a wonderland of modern design and traditional atmosphere. It is definitely outstandingly furnished. Loved the place very much.


To finish the evening, I had a “Bazaar Signature Espresso Blend (A truly handcrafted blend that is full of flavor and texture with profiles ranging from bitter-sweet chocolate to lightly roasted nuts; USD 5.00)”. Well, the espresso was definitely announced quite a bit but it was just a regular but good espresso.

The prices are – overall – pretty fair: a bottle of water (Vichy Catalàn sparkling, 1000ml) accounts for USD 12.00; a bottle of red wine (C. Zerbetta Barbera) for USD 60.00. I mean, the food is not exactly cheap but the quality is great, the taste is nice and surprising, the atmosphere is lovely, the service is of very high quality and if you stay at the SLS Hotel you even get 25% off the bill.

And to make it perfect – the service is mostly outstanding. All waiters but one were very friendly, helpful, explained what they served. Just one did not really feel like it was appropriate to be friendly, helpful, and explain what he was serving. I mean, when the waiter just basically smashes the plate on the table it is not really the way one should be served in a restaurant of a luxury hotel which also provides great food.

Other than that, it is more than worth it to dine at Restaurant The Bazaar by José Andrés at the SLS Hotel Beverly Hills! Amazing dishes, amazing atmosphere, fair prices and mostly great service!


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Restaurant The Bazaar by José Andrés @SLS Hotel Beverly Hills

465 South La Cienega Boulevard

90048 Los Angeles (USA)

Tel.: +1 310 246 55 55


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